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Our services are mainly intended to end-users of energy and industrial systems such as:

  • worldwide electrical transmission companies
  • electrical energy distribution companies
  • power plants (thermal, solar, hidro, gas, etc.)
  • industries using automation or have high energy demands

Above written is our targeted clients, where directly or indirectly via other partner companies we participate. 

Those are not just the companies we cooperated with; those are the people who recognized our competence and gave us their thrust. 

We put the requirement and needs of our customers first. We orientate ourselves to meet their requirements regarding project implementation, aiming to achieve optimality and efficiency. We help our customers reduce time-to-market and save time and costs on R&D by helping them integrate advances in technology (or emerging communication standards) into their existing products, thus extending their product’s reach and application scope. 

Our customers are much more than business partners for us. They inspire us, their trust strengthens us and their feedback enables us to think in new ways and meet diverse requirements. We collaborate with leading utilities, OEMs and system integrators in the generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy sectors to provide technology leading solutions, products and services. With strong partner networks across the globe, and customers focusing on energy markets, KES understands the regional challenges better and offers solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure. 

KES has the expertise to meet all of a client's needs, from the project-concept stage to the completion of an investment project. 

  • Project preparation and planning
  • Building design
  • Design of all special systems required in structures
  • Project management, both during design stage and at the construction site Project supervision
  • Safety, environmental, and health consultancy