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About Us

Kajganic Energy Systems (KES) is a fully independent, privately owned company based in Mannheim, Germany.
The company was formed in 2015 by Dr Boris Kajganic, a consulting and software engineer with 25 years industry experience in the software field of Power Transmission and Distribution Systems.
The company is still headed up by Dr. Boris Kajganic who leads the work in conjunction with various technical specialists.

KES was established to provide high quality software solutions to its clients. As a dynamic and independent company, we are committed solely to the success of our customers and can react quickly and flexibly. Today, high-quality is considered the main problem clients are facing with software providers and KES is committed to help in solving this major problem. KES is dedicated to the assessment, consultation, design, and implementation services in all areas of software solutions. As a technology-neutral professional services company, KES assists clients in selecting best of breed services and tools for customized solutions across various industry sectors.

We put the requirement and needs of our customers first. We orientate ourselves to meet their requirements regarding project implementation, aiming to achieve optimality and efficiency. We help our customers reduce time-to-market and save time and costs on R&D by helping them integrate advances in technology (or emerging communication standards) into their existing products, thus extending their product’s reach and application scope.

We act independently of external financiers and stock markets. We invest extensively in research and development in several areas including power systems engineering, energy engineering, control theory and communication and information technology to build cutting edge standards based communication and optimization solutions and products for the development of Smart Grid and energy efficiency technologies. Our commitment to independence is evident in our products, which enable the greatest possible freedom when selecting hardware and software. We embrace challenges and set the pace for modern, contemporary automation. We naturally meet standards, but spend just as much time and energy creating software that enables the free development of individual working methods and individual customer solutions.

Our customers are much more than business partners for us. They inspire us, their trust strengthens us and their feedback enables us to think in new ways and meet diverse requirements. We collaborate with leading utilities, OEMs and system integrators in the generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy sectors to provide technology leading solutions, products and services. With strong partner networks across the globe, and customers focusing on energy markets, KES understands the regional challenges better and offers solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure.

We consider both our employees and our clients as our partners. We believe that this partnership should ‎lead to win-win situation for all parties. Our employees grow and advance in their careers as the company ‎business grows. This model allowed us to hire high-quality professionals and to maintain them for a long ‎period of time with the company. In return, this is being reflected on our clients with an improved quality ‎for our software solutions and better support.‎
KES concentrates on building a unified, client-centric culture among our team. Working with KES starts with a complete employee orientation to transform this culture to the new ‎employees.‎
KES staff members are among the top professionals in the software industry, with many earned ‎prestigious certifications related to this field. Many of the staff members are over 20 years of experience.‎